12 May 2006

Pay dirt...

yes, the pay is dirt, but at least the dirt came through, in its meager trowel sized shovel, today. 

and with it i'm off.  yes, 'tis sal's dirt-h-bay next week and to celebrate we are off to italia.  yay!  first continental excursion is afoot.  will write post the event to tell you just how much fun it all was.  i'm looking forward to good coffee and pesto. fyi the location is cinque terre wherever the feck that is (poor sal had to organise her own travelling birthday this year!).

and that reminds me, a year ago on the 7th of may, we left NZ.  fuck me time flies.  this time last year we were in Bali, heading for Flores, drinking arak, sweet&nasty arak...

quick shout out to the NZ folk who will gather in my absence this weekend at Rumpletron.  stiltskin!

have a bottle of piper-heidsieck (a perk from bar work) to drink in celebration of the upcoming holiday, so i'm off to sozzle.  wishing you all well.

05 May 2006

I got paid!

Thank the sweet-sweet capitalistic Lord, I got paid this morning!  I might just have to celebrate by drinking most of it...

Lost Season 2 Episode 12

For want of not revealing MASSIVE spoilers I'll just ask this wee question. 


04 May 2006


heaps to say, no time to say it, so i'll fob you off on the best pimped snack project to date.  fucking wicked!