16 August 2006

a shitty biscuit!

Bugger.  Went to the bank (online of course) to pay my dues and, well, fucked up proper.  I had thought that the measly amount of money I receive in what is termed my 'salary' was sufficient for the purchase of a removable hard drive as well as rent, food for the week, transport and beer (of course).  I was mistaken. 

The buggers at amazon dot bloody transact three days bloody later dot com didn't help cause they did just that.  Charge me three bloody days after I tried to buy the thing.  And timing wise they couldn't have chosen better to illustrate to the world that I HAVE NO MONEY.  It came JUST after I stupidly assumed i'd enough money to make the rent payment.  I'm officially in arrears...  To both Amazon and Sal.  'Tis and 'twill be a hard grind clawing my way back into liquidity.  Till I do I'll take solace in the beer, a liquidity of sorts...

Hope you are all well and not suffering what I like to term shitty biscuit syndrome.  SBS.  TLAs.  I love 'em!

10 August 2006

While I'm here

Visual Factory:

At work we have a glorified notice board. It is called the visual factory. It comprises a bunch of laminated info sheets that are not particularly visual or informative.

I on the other hand perceive my world as a visual factory. A proper one. Interesting and, well, visual. Some visuals of note...

V for Vendetta - Dvd, glad I watched it cause finding a library copy of the graphic novel was proving too difficult to come by. It reminded me of the comics, and made me so pleased that Chris G pushed it upon me (in his unassuming ways) back in the Todman St days. Some things you connect with in unpredictable ways. Others fit. Chris's suggestion fitted and it was good to be reminded of that thanks to the film. I can't knock it because of this even though there was no LSD induced revelation. Bah!

Little Fish - Actually this was more of a COMPLETE experience, visuals, accents, Shortland St actors and, well, just normal people. As a movie it works SO well in terms being it's namesake. Everything about the film is little fish. Ab-so-lutely loved it and was well homesick at the conclusion despite the fact that it was set in Aussie. Good old Joel Tolbeck turned up. I remember him in a weird NZ kid's program about pirates whose name I can't remember. Can anyone help?

Maimi Vice - well it was a film and therefore visual. But it was complete shite, and I don't have anything to say about it except that it was shite.

Firefly - THE PILOT!!! At last. I have the series and Serenity in my possession. Am watching in relish, mostly due to the fact that I ain't seen a lot of TV recently (seeing as I don't have one) but also cause the good ole folk back Welly-ways seems to almost universally recommend it. Anyway loved the first 120 odd mins. At the conclusion of this I'm off to watch MORE!

The LARGE 'Ciremai' poster looks down upon me from its pride of place, hanging on the living room wall. Visuals are EVERYWHERE. Even the ones that exist only in your mind. Open your eyes and take a look.

A note of Ron The Body

Check out this.


Edited cause I am a muppet myself and can't spell. Also I meant note as in Floral. A hint in other words.

06 August 2006

Will wonders never cease?

Seems as if the e-mail to blog feature is working again.  I guess this means that there are NO excuses for not keeping things up-to-date.  Except for the fact that I'm lazy...

Tired from two largish nights in a row topping off a sport-billy week.  A slow sunday will ensue as the sore muscles and sleep deprivation combine to make lethargy the number one activity.  Will have to eventually leave the flat, as I have to go to chemist to find painkillers for the headache.   Damn it all!

So, yeah, the week was a sporting one.  Had Badminton on Tuesday, Rock climbing on Wednesday and BASKETBALL on Thursday.  My whole body is a wreck of stressed muscles and tendons.  But I'm much happier for it.  Thinking of repeating the whole exercise next week...

I've never climbed before (except for one form three camp I can hardly remember).  Was thinking it would be all about ropes and belays and harnesses, but was surprised with the sole activity I pursued - bouldering.  It's ridiculously hard and I'm incredibly poor at it, but when my lack of skill combines with a simple course and I actually climb to the top, the sense of achievement is amazing.  I plan to do it again, that is if my arms and hands ever regain a semblance of strength...

The climbing centre is a bit of a local landmark round these parts.  It's called the castle and it was once a water pumping station for London water supply.  If you're interested you can check out this picture of it (thanks wiki!).  And if you follow the links back to the forwarding pages you'll even get a bit of the history of area in which I'm currently living; Stoke Newington/Dalston.

Anyway the return to basketball, oh it was good.   Played for damn near three hours, which was fun for allowing me to watch my own skill and stamina ebb as I became more and more tired.  It was a thorough workout, and left me feeling as if I remembered enough of the game to want to play it again properly.  Just need to work on the fitness.  Would also be nice to drop a few years off my age.  Nothing quite like waking up sore and thirty and then having to go to work...

Not much else to say.  So lets confirm if this post mechanism is returned.