27 September 2006

The strange world of the interweb

Very briefly, for i don't have much to say.  But I was amazed at the interweb today.  It connected a few disjoint things that I've been mulling over recently.  A while back I read Simon Singh 's "Big Bang" and in it it had a quote from Paul Dirac regarding how science was the complete opposite of poetry.  I agreed at the time, and then it popped up today as a quote of the day.  So I was intrigued.  hings like that probably pop up twice in my short term memory too often to follow like this, but I did.  And in the process I learned all sorts of things about old Paul.

But the best thing I 'learned' is that he re-discovered purling in knitting!  Which made me think of vaginas and Stronger Light, because when she is not a knitting tea cosy she'd prefer to knit vaginas...  God bless her little knitted socks!

So Physics and Vaginas is linked.

Thank god for the internet.

10 September 2006


Have a wee sniffly, the residue of a cold or my immune system's response to all the socialising I've been making it handle recently.  It is inbetween sniffles that I have noticed just how long that it has been since posting last.  A long time...  *sniffles*  A very long time...  *blows nose*

So what has been happening i hear you ask?  Well, couple of things.  I've started climbing, which I think I may have mentioned already.  Doing that 1 to 3 nights a week seriously cuts into blogging time, but sure leaves me with the satisfied aches and pains of true physical activity that no amount of typing will ever give.

I've been going out lots, and drinking too much and feeling TERRIBLE the next day, and then using that as a GREAT excuse to catch up on TV programs that I have burnt to my wonderful external hard drive.  This too cuts into communication time, but leaves me happy in the knowlege that I have at last caught up on phenomenons such as Firefly/Serenity.  Oh so much better than the Prison Break series I was previously watching which degenerated into addictive awefulness.  I'm now learning how to survive thanks to Ray Mears' Bushcraft series...

I've been watching movies.  Saw a couple at the local cinema and both were very good.  They were Volver and Little Fish.  Little Fish was amazing.  Loved every little scene in it, though Hugo's bearded ex-AFL star character was a might hard to watch at times.  Volver was great too.  I fell in love with Penelope's eyes the instant they come on screen, The movie that followed then allowed me a good reason to watch after them for the better part of two hours. *contented sigh*

I've even been shocked into internet silence by antipodean goings on.  What with Steve Irwin's death at the barb of a stingray (a death all the more keenly felt due to my own run in with the poisonous fish in Thailand) and Peter "perfect" Brock's death, I'm now waiting on internet news of a third high profile Aussie to die 'doing what they love...'  These things always come in threes.

And i've been to Brussels.  The belgium beer was fantastic.  Bruge was picturesque.  The food was fatty and rich.  Yum.

That is about all I have to say about that at the moment.  Hope you are all well.