16 February 2007


In a remarkably romantic turn of events, the UK Home Office has (in its infinite wisdom) given me leave to remain on UK soil on the basis of my longstanding (now five year) relationship with Sal. The visa confirmation came through on Valentines Day!

Of course to celebrate I went climbing, and Sal went to dinner with a friend for we (as a couple) care not for the commercial trappings and enforced romantic attentions of an arbitrary date. Though it was interesting to learn that this particular arbitrary date used to celebrate werewolves, blood and ****ing!

So yeah, I'm in the envious position of being able to a) resign from work (did that yesterday), b) get a start date for my new permanent job (the 26th of Feb) c) extend next weekend by a couple of days (I quit next Wednesday) and d) go to Rome!

Fucking Rome! How cool is that? I for one like them apples.

In short, life is good. Hope yours is too.