17 March 2008

Tune in next time when Spidey says...

Interestingly I need to blog based on a radio interview that Dylan Horrocks had on bFm the other day (should still be here). 
It was an interesting enough interview to be sure, about E. Gary Gygax, but it took a big turn for the amusing-as-hell when Dylan began chatting away about how the advent of computer game style scriptwriting/storytelling as being seen by some authors as a corruption of the form.  I think the next second or two, and the ensuing comment, will live with me forever, for after a dead air radio pause, Dylan said in response to this evidently preposterous notion:
"Fuck that shit!"
Spidey, it appears, completely disagrees.
Another one of those moments of the "'O' for awesome" ilk.  Totally made in NZ; it sure made me laugh and made my day.  Still a small part of me, the one that is tickled pink due to expecting to be a father any-day-now,  the same that has been actively thinking about the things that I say and not wanting a little mimic to parrot a large number of them back, went "You can't say that Dylan!"
Then of course I went around all weekend parroting it myself (and chuckling whenever I did). Me thinks that the little one is doomed...
On that count, not long to go.  3 days till due date.  Signs abound that it is ANY-DAY-NOW, which I think I already mentioned.  Can you tell that I'm excited (and just a wee bit scared)?  News will follow and unlike other blog promises you won't be able to stop me from telling you over and over again all about it!  Till then...