20 December 2006


According to the statisticians, UK 2006 was the warmest UK in history.

I, on the other hand, am showing a very luke warm average of posts on this website.  If I wasn't a closet collector, I'd have binned this site in favor of something else I couldn't stick my teeth into.

So yeah.  Average.

I suspect that my mood is somewhat negatively affected by the latest screening at Rio (my local cinema).  Went alone to a film called Pan's Labyrinth (something else in the native spanish) and wasn't quite prepared for the visual onslaught.  It's a fantastical movie, and I was hoping to find some hope in it along those lines.  

And I guess it is a sign of good storytelling, cause the movie could be received by audiences as a fantasy and walk out of it heart warmed that the human spirit can triumph in adverse circumstances.  I on the other hand couldn't buy into the fantasy elements, knowing them all too well as the inventions and delusions of the main protagonist.  And I near wept at the inevitable conculsion of the movie, because I suspect that a terrible number of humans live by the same inventions and delusions.

But don't let that stop you from watching this movie.  It is good, probably very good.  It looks great.  I really wanted to believe.  Just be prepared to walk along the edge of a cliff for the length of the movie and know that I, for one, just couldn't buy into the fantasy keeping me off the rocks.

It is officially Xmas time.  In an apparent "Do you thumb your nose at me?" moment (ref. warmest UK year in History), on the way to work I slipped on frozen pavement and had to duck to avoid spiders webs adorned with icicles.  Needless to say my nipples were VERY erect.  It was also DARK and the path was illuminated with festive decorations.  So its Xmas...

Actually I'm looking forward to Xmas this year.  Am forcing others to gather in our small abode to enjoy a vege feast on the 25th, and one of those others is my BIG sister.  'Tis always good to have family about over Xmas!

So if you don't hear from me before the 25th, as the current quince average would dictate, then have a good one.  Please don't get yourselves lost in a Labyrinth.  

FYI: Incredibly strangely Destiny's Child is playing on my stereo.  So also remember to leave your men at home...

05 December 2006


Tower of London - not so long ago. Quite a cool looking raven. Obviously totally at ease with the tourists and photo taking. Just a shame that the wings are clipped. Spoils an otherwise amazing looking bird - the kind that you just can't help imagining pecking eyeballs out of decapitated heads, not that I saw any on the tour.

Am humoured to think that bad movie titles still abound. The latest is Run, Fat Boy, Run. Ex-Friends Star David Schwimmer is directing and scenes for it have been filmed just round the corner of our flat. So while the name doesn't interest me in the least, at least my daily walk to the train station has been fun.

Life re-cap: New Job. Home in 6 weeks (only for two). Weather Mild. Hungry. Looking forward to Xmas...