08 February 2017

Because facebook isn't where I need to share this, at last this white privileged man has experienced institutionalised racism.  Of course it wasn't direct.  I'm white.  I'm privileged.  No it was to my daughter.

Evidently being a New Zealander with a non-english name allows a school to take my daughter off to test her english.  Her comprehension. Her...

I'm pretty livid. It will be interesting to see what happens next.  My partner in this is just as incredulous.  She's started the inquiry.  I doubt I'll be satisfied with the response.

Fuck this.  And fuck what's happening in the world at the moment that makes me catch at myself for thinking "is this inevitable?".

It just shouldn't be. It. Just. Shouldn't.

23 November 2016

Technology is a wonderful thing. Somehow I'm still connected with an online presence I once held. And I get to blog.

This time I need to comment on a need for change and a reluctance to do so. I'm betting many folk feel this way but it's hit me hard recently. It's tied with turning 40. It's tied with being white. It's tied with being privileged. It's tied with being too perfectly able to make a personal change but being too perfectly scared to do it.

Some of the best decisions in life are made without any consideration of your own personal circumstance.  And the others are.

I'm just wondering what do to next. I sort of have a plan. But I just can't be confident in it. Yet.

I hope that changes. Soon.

05 June 2015


Google tells me that it has been three years since my last post. Fittingly then it is at least 10 years, and probably more like 13-15 since I last read Hicksville.

At the time I was living in the Todman St flat and I think Chris lent me his copy. It was one of those, not pressured, no obligation, I think you'll like it moments. Even if it wasn't and this is completely misremembered then I'll go to my grave thinking about this moment.

It was this moment and the reading experience that followed that has cemented Hicksville as an Important Book for me. It sits on the same shelf as Neuromancer. And I'm unsure why.

I read it ONCE. Only once. Neuromancer, shit I've read that dozens of times. I can fall into that world at a drop of a hat. Hicksville, on the other hand, was an immediate force but one I got to put down, put aside, but never forget.

In fact the only immediate reaction to reading Hicksville in early 2000's was to buy it... and then send it... to my sister in Canada.

The reason for that was obvious and justified. My sister needed to read it. I could tell. I could also justify sending away a thing I loved, because I said to myself that I would read this precious thing while sitting in the cabin by the lake my sister had spoken of and the visions of which had made me want to travel to Canada with a need.

So let's say 15 years later, I'm home with my family and look at my book shelf and see my copy of Neuromancer, and think of Hicksville.


The follow up to this story is that of course this thought process resulted in me purchasing myself another copy. I've just finished re-reading it. It took months before I started the re-read. I was scared that this precious thing would, after 15 years, be tarnished.

It's not, at all. But I'm still mystified about why this book has got me.

I'm now the very proud owner of another book that I will reach to on occasion. It can sit on my shelf, next to Neurmancer and, like this post, be an outward sign of who I am.


The only regret that my copy brings is the fifteen year failure to feed the need to sit and read it in Canada... with my sister.

20 August 2012


<p>There seems to be a bit of momentum towards making Neuromancer a movie. Coming from someone that has always wanted to see this as a movie you can expect two things from me. 1. I'm not going to be happy about it till I'm happy about it. 2. I'm happy about it till I'm not going to be happy about it...

I suspect the vast majority of my blogging in the near future will be taken up by points one and two.</p>

15 August 2012

27 March 2011

Three Years On

Celebrating three years of my new life today with a Piratical Themed party. Much fun had by all, most especially the birthday boy himself. This was the pick of the cards.

We are off to Thailand for a month. You will not notice my absence from this blog.

25 October 2010

Save the Mokihinui

120 kayakers, environmentalists protest West Coast dam - Environment Sci - Video - 3 News

Briefly out of blog retirement to lament the slanting of the above news item. Having been at the Mokihinui this weekend in support of the river run, I'm disappointed that news piece couched the run in terms like "costly" and supported by "outsiders".

For the record the most of the costs of the exercise went directly into the West Coast economy and a number of locals are against the dam. This would have been evident if the ONLY 'local' interviewed in the piece hadn't been a representative of Buller Electricity. Also, Meridian's consent is under appeal and this means that the dam is NOT going ahead until these appeals are sorted (amongst other go-ahead issues).

The river run was an incredibly important way for those opposed to it to generate a personal understanding of the river and balanced publicity for the reasons behind not wanting to dam it. It was also an economic way for some river lovers to run the Mokihinui river and see it, first-hand, for what may be the first and only time.

As I mentioned I travelled to the coast to support the trip, but to be honest, I wasn't entirely for or against the dam. On seeing the river, and on walking some of it's length, and witnessing the effects that large scale industry are having on the West Coast, e.g. the Stockton mine, I can't help but now be 100% against the proposed 85m tall dam.

I say we should save the Mokihinui.