22 March 2007


To engage people.  Good people.  How?

I was going to try and do a three x three x three thing and TRY and be all clever with it.  But WHY?  So instead I'm going to list some things that are really involving my brain at the moment:

IP - Intellectual Property.
Protectionism - As a way of maintaining IP.
Profiteering - as a way of milking protectionism.


that I work for a drug company.

that I don't feel I can make a positive difference in my work.

that IP and Protectionism and Profiteering are hand-in-hand.


to work for a company.

that I feel I can make a positive difference for with my work.

and that IP and Protectionism that the company I work for employs prevents profiteering on any one's part.

The last post?

Shit! Fuck! Crap!

All these (3) things.

I've been totally blocked from saying things on the quince since god knows how long. I feel as if there are a million and one things that I need to tell you all (all 3 of ya!). But what exactly? In which order? How? and then it all stops. The flow is dammed (in the verb sense, as in to dam a river - fuck I wonder sometimes if I'm fluent in English and it is NEVER helped by going to the Turkish barber just down the road from you and asking for a haircut).

So, revert, update. (is that a sentence? - probably not... edit...).

SO. Here is an UPDATE! (acknowledging the indiscriminate use of CAPS!).

I have a new JOB. I started at the end of last month. It is the promise of something more. But it has failed to deliver, as my suspicion led me to believe many moons ago. I do not care. For the moment. But I suffer for want of something TO DO!

This means lots of things, but primarily this: I need a distraction. Morgue has inadvertently put his hand up. Bless him. I'll take ANY distraction he giveth me.

And it also means that I'm squandering what precious little time I have on this earth by wondering and pondering and doing NOTHING about a myriad of things that I need an audience for. But I also need a muse.

And that is where I see this site failing. It isn't my muse. Where do you find a muse these days??? The technology is there - why can't I capitalise? It isn't time, but it may be my priority!

I need virtual help. Will any of you provide it?


Three things,

Number One: No blog activity.  Apologies. Nothing to write.

Number Two: New Job.  Boring.  I await training...

Number Three:  Happy.  Life is interesting.  In tune...

01 March 2007

Good on you Harry!

I've been listening to my iPod of late and have been caught a number of times by a track which I have no recollection of ever actually collecting.  This is due to a widening of my interpretation of digital copyright, and the kind sofa cruisers we sometimes encourage to stay on their way through London that have varied musical possessions I can 'borrow'.

It doesn't help that I have an iPod shuffle that doesn't tell me the track name, and also have an incredibly poor ear for lyrics that makes the looking up of a familiar but unknown song all that more difficult.

So I've just been able to track down a recent addition to iTunes and it comes from Harry, NZ's Flash kind. 

So good on you Harry.  Nice one.  And I don't mean that in the tabloid sense...