21 May 2009

In other News...

Building and Resource consents have both been granted. At last. We shall commence and there will be photos and posts...


Broken Blogging Continues

Still really haven't got a use for this site, but in the interests of half maintaining a presence on it, here are a couple of links to two inspirational videos that I just keep watching. It helps beat the winter blues you know...

Video one is just plain awesome. Linked to it by William Gibson, way back in August last year, I've been regularly watching ever since. I keep hoping it will start me back on the path to flight dreams. I used to have them regularly as a kid and teenager but for some reason they have left me in more recent years. Every time the spectator on the road yells "Dude, that was sick!" I'm reminded of that delicious sick feeling that I used to get when jumping off cliffs in my dreams or diving in flight. Quite how stomach churning sick feelings can both be delicious and yearned for I don't know. But I want them back. This video is the closest I've come in AGES!


The second video was linked to my my best blogging buddy ~m. Of course he would be up on the latest rising starlet of YouTube. And this true celt from the Isle of Skye riding his bike around Edinburgh seemed like a Friday Linky just-for-me! Anyway, if you ever wanted a reason to ride your bike then join the other five an a half million viewers and take a look at the cool shite you can do on one!